A reply to president degli Uberti (transcript)

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An answer to the President degli Uberti
Update: And another thing, President: we strongly suspect that you have had your men hack our computer. We respectfully ask you to stop. Gentlemen don’t do some things. Such baseness is not worthy of you. You are a public person, you have publicly taken on some nobiliary titles. Therefore, accept the criticism with courage! Stop getting so upset, stop trying desperately to find out who we are and what we want! No one is obliged to take your word and to consider you noble. You is not God and criticism of you is not blasphemy. Everyone has the right to express his opinion, as long as it is done politely. And we did it.
As Pier Felice degli Uberti makes us the honour of replying both to the article that concerns him and to the one in which we analyzed the five “titles of count” of Mr. Charles Anthony Gauci, we feel it is right to address a reply to the president degli Uberti:
1) You, president, affirm that the article “Pier Felice degli Uberti, the race for nobility” is defamatory. It is not. It is a simple scientific opinion, written in the gentlest style possible, on the nobiliary titles that you claim.
2) You, president, argue that the only purpose of our site is to hang you up. It’s false. Charles Gauci followed you, others will follow: Ottaviano de ‘Medici, Paolo di Giovine, Charles Said-Vassalo, Stephan Heinrichvon Yordan, Luciano Francesco Silighini Garagnani Lambertini etc…
3) “Why?” – you might ask. You, president, in numerous interviews, public appearances and articles, have stated that your goal is to unmask the fake nobles and their claims. Your mentor, Vicente de Cadenasy Vicent, wrote the same, in the first issue of the magazine “Hidalguía”. We quote from Wikipedia: “In 1953, he founded the review ‘Hidalguía’, with el objetivo particular deimpugnar genealogías falsas, títulos falsos y pseudo-órdenes de caballería”. We are pursuing the same goal.
4) It is true that our literary attempt – “Tasso’s Night Life” – has as its character an individual inspired by you. But there are also many differences. You are just the starting point, Not the goal of this novel. You is the one who must have been for Umberto Eco the real person who inspired Aglie, the false count of Saint-Germain of the ‘Foucault’s Pendulum’. Between our character, Pier Luigi degli Viberti, and the real Pier Felice degli Uberti, THERE IS NO TOTAL IDENTITY! You and the forum “I nostril avi” are just the starting point, the source of inspiration, from which we will describe the entire universe of falsifiers, just as Umberto Eco did with the occultists.
5) We were wrong when we wrote that, in the 1920s, the Ubertis family made an effort to be inscribed in the “Golden Book of the Italian nobility”, but this effort failed, due to insufficient documentation, due to a lack of memory on our part. This effort took place in the 1990s and was unsuccessful: the Uberti family is listed in the second part of the collection, where families who aspire to nobility, but who were unable to provide the necessary evidence, are mentioned.
6) It isn’t true that the comments on our site are written by ourselves. The fact that among the commentators is Lucilla Papanti of Carrara, your “agent”, who tried desperately to discover our identity, claiming to be able to supply “confidential” information against you, should show you that those commentators are people different from the authors of the articles of the site.
7) It is useless to insist on the fact that we do not belong to any association or institution that deals with heraldry, genealogy, orders of chivalry, nobility title etc. Academic degrees don’t make an expert. After all, we do not pretend to be experts. It is not necessary to be an expert to know such simple things as these auxiliary sciences of history and to immediately recognize false nobiliary titles. These things stand out.
8) A detail not to be overlooked: you in the article “Genealogical notes on the family of Uberti”, in the magazine “Hidalguía”, in the genealogical tree that reproduces, begin to call your ancestors “noble” starting from Giovanni Agostino, who died on 1-XII-1651. NOBODY of your predecessors was indicated as “noble” by you, not even the “famous” Antonio, married to the “countess” Catalina Cicugnone. Antonio’s son, Giovanni Domenico, is called by you only “messer” and only with his son, Giovanni Agostino, the “nobles” begin. Then, you stop to call your ancestors “noble”, in the genealogical tree of your family, starting with Giuseppe Felice, mayor of Frassineto (11-V-1746 – 21-VIII-1820), which you defined only as “citizen”. Do not be offended, therefore, if we do not believe neither in your title of noble nor in that of count (a true countess would never have married a “commoner” like Antonio Ubertis and, moreover, you attribute to Bartolino Cicugnone, the father of Catalina, only the title of “noble”, not that of count).
9) In your counter-arguments addressed to us, we note your usual double attitude: although, in general, you describe Crollalanza as “a poor man”, you affirm that he was not an expert and that, in his writings, the true and the false intertwine, you use his books as arguments when they prove you are right. Furthermore, you now state that the status of a distinct civilization did not exist in Monferrato, even if, in the article cited above, you wrote the opposite, with reference to the degli Uberti themselves. And so on…
10) We do not see the usefulness of a video discussion with you, on Skype or other platforms that offer this possibility. We wrote our opinion, you wrote yours. Readers are free to draw their own conclusions, we have nothing to add to what we have already written.
11) It doesn’t even make sense to insist on our identity. Do you know why private information is called “private”? Because they are private. This way of making everything about us public on the Internet – name, surname, age, location, photos and videos – is utterly stupid, unnatural and in bad taste. It is an aberrant practice, invented by the Americans for teenagers who want to “hook up” persons of the opposite sex. Remember one thing: truly serious people never expose themselves this way.
12) Identity (or his lack) does not affect the relevance of the arguments.
13) THE MOST IMPORTANT THING: don’t take to heart the things we wrote about you! The noble titles, false or true HAVE NO IMPORTANCE! They are practically NON-EXISTING! What is a nobiliary title? A simple combination of letters. The value of a man does not consist in this. We are here to discuss, to exchange opinions, to laugh, to joke, to have fun lovingly, without malice, with tenderness. You and Mr. Gauci are really dear to us! We would be sorry to hear that you have been physically biased because of our articles. If you deem it necessary, send the message “Delete those articles!”, to the e-mail address e-mail eugenio.caffarelli.1952@gmail.com, and we will comply immediately!!!