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3) “Why?” – you might ask. You, president, in numerous interviews, public appearances and articles, has stated that your goal is to unmask the false nobles and their claims. Your mentor, Vicente de Cadenas y Vicent, wrote the same, in the first issue of the magazine “Hidalguía”. We quote from Wikipedia: “En 1953, fundó la revista “Hidalguía”, con el objetivo particular de impugnar genealogías falsas, títulos falsos y pseudo-órdenes de caballería”. We are pursuing the same goal.
Dulcis in fundo
Dear readers, I thank you, if you have read what the ANONYMOUS addresses to me in “Resign yourself President”, because I am sure that any well-thinking person will be able to reach the right conclusions.
From my part I cannot accept the ANONYMOUS’ pseudo justification, because they do NOT correspond to the truth and I can prove it, and moreover they do not reveal a seriousness of cultural intent, but only a will to defame without limits. The ANONYMOUS tries to overturn the situation repeating also my own words on nobility as said by him to appear scientific, while during all his previous attack to me he demonstrate to have a distort idea of what nobility is, far from a historical knowledge. But finally, abandoning his previous prudence, he directly accuses me of being a thief of nobiliary titles (at the beginning with his false kindness accused my dead Ancestors) a most serious accusation that wants to destroy my image as scholar about Documentary Sciences of History, a pseudo scholar who should forger his Family History. Therefore to protect my honour, and since we both live in the European Economic Community, I will follow the legal route that was recommended to me.
I let him think for months about what he wrote, in the hope that, if moved by true study intent, he would accept the invitation to an online discussion.
Realizing that it could be an unbalanced comparison, I even provided him with sources where he could study. Being an open-minded person and seeing the glass always half full, I hoped for a repentance, but this did not happen, as normal when made in bad faith; that is why I think that behind the ANONIMUS there is someone who wants to benefit from discrediting me: a forger that I have unmasked or one who earns on the dreams of nobility of his clients, persons who feel damaged by my research of historical truth applied to heraldry and genealogy.
You must also know the clearly visible proposal of the ANONIMUS both at the bottom of the blog “A reply to the president degli Uberti”, and in the e-mail from Eugenio Caffarelli addressed to me on July 27, 2022 at 11.50 pm, where among other things we read: “Please let us know if you deem it necessary to delete the articles and we will do so”, clearly offering me the possibility to have the defamations deleted if I wish it.
But deleting defamatory articles is nothing, because the defamatory damage has been done and it is viral. I would like to point out that the blog has been hosted in various pages of heraldic-genealogical-noble associations, including international ones (they have violated the duty of control over anonymous content by not verifying the real existence of the person who signed it; being a publicist I know well what I’m saying).
Moreover, my lawyers told me to leave them online for obvious reasons, and that’s why I haven’t asked for removal yet. After all, we all know that nothing is lost on the internet, and it is enough to follow the legal paths and every ANONYMOUS when there are crimes is sooner or later discovered.
I don’t want one can think of me that I wants to take advantage of situations to benefit from that.
As you know, I am a good person and I can understand that one doesn’t have the sources to deepen a topic and lacks the necessary knowledge of nobiliary law (which among other things is not studied in universities by us), particularly when it refers to a pre-unification State of not great importance such as Monferrato.
For this reason, I indicated in my answer various useful sources to understand the topic that the ANONYMOUS wanted to deal with. I would have accepted a repentance if the ANONYMOUS had shown total good faith in his mistakes, but from his words only bad faith and a desire to madding, in short, transpire.
You know that I am pragmatic and to me the nobility in Italy in 2022 (if not for the historical study aspect) it is irrelevant, but here there was a serious offense to the memory of the dead of my Family who cannot defend themselves and whom I love deeply; and another serious offense to my seriousness as a scholar and world-class authority in these matters by portraying myself as unable to assess the documentary reliability of my Family History, all coming from an ANONYMOUS without, as he writes, sufficient preparation in the sectors he wants to deal.
So, I conclude here every possible relationship with an ANONYMOUS who increasingly wants to show us that he is a harasser of the kind of stalkers that the newspapers talk about, who focus their persecutory interest on some victim in sight, pretending to go unpunished in the comfort of their desired ANONYMITY.
I reiterate here as a publicist that there is always the right to criticize, but it must be exercised seriously by relying on documentary sources and mention them, and never ANONYMOUSLY, but rather by proudly using one’s real name and surname and thus assuming (as I always do) one’s own responsibility. This is to show honesty and respect for people.