Pier Felice degli Uberti’s reply 29-07-2022

San Marino, 29 July 2022.


Good morning ANONYMOUS,
when one gives life to an action, one assumes all the responsibilities for it and there is a law in Italy that still protects people from computer crimes.
Allow me to say without controversy that you have started a war against me with the sole purpose of defaming me and damaging my image as esteemed scholar without wanting to do a historical study on my Family (assuming you were really interested in this). I gave you my hand and proposed an online discussion (with 60 newspapers), I have provided you with a small part of the documentary sources, this is because I am certain of the history of my Family and I can talk on it in the open.
Having said that and given that you started a battle against me (I never did anything against you), with the result that I lost a lot of time and money too (I even paid a Romanian detective agency to find out about you for the purpose to start a legal action), I also paid a Romanian lawyer to know how to make a complaint in Romania; luckily in Italy the lawyer costs me nothing.
I am a law-abiding and I always act secundum legem (after all, my protection is due, given your defamation against my person and the dear memory of my ancestors), and both the investigative agency and the lawyer have achieved excellent results.
To tell the truth I am still not sure if you are Mr. Tudor Beldiman, born in Bucharest on 1 November 1979… and other things that have not been reported that are useful to me (if it is not you I am sorry for that gentleman but he will be able to clarify and defend himself).
I reiterate that before doing all this I asked, telling the lawyer (Romanian and Italian) about the fact that happened against me to find out if it was legal what I was about to undertake and they both reassured me.
I would like to remind you again that it was you who fought me with an absurd controversy without reasons.
Having said that, I am pleased to inform you that I keep the 2 letters posted by you online and then removed without my request (where there are very useful things for me) and I remember that it is not enough to cancel because you are certainly aware that everything remains online, so it is not lost.
I will post on my site everything you have written and which I am attaching to this, because I have already prepared the answer to your article “Resign yourself President”, so everything remains online.
I inform you that despite the time I was able to have the 2 articles that you deleted certified with a certain date and I have copies that my friends gave me who, when asked, will only tell the truth: that is to say that they have seen them online.
I think now you will have clear what I want to do and I will do it. I waited many days only because I have been very busy with more important things (4 Congresses and publications of 2 reviews and 2 bulletin and RADIO Transmissions exucluding my lectures on line).
Then it goes as it goes … My lawyer told me that I have hopes of a positive result in my favor, he works free of charge, but he is a friend.
Having said all this precisely because I’m tired of wasting time, I offer you now a dignified way out:
1) I am a person with absolute intellectual and moral honesty and who never takes advantage of situations, which is why I limit myself to asking for a statement which must be honest as my request is, obviously it must be in Italian and English (because the defamation is also on an English-speaking site).
The text that you will make could be like this: I started a controversy against Dr. Pier Felice degli Uberti, with whom I questioned the nobiliary title of the Family, the title of Count of Cavaglià used for the first time by Dr. Pier Felice degli Uberti and his British feudal titles.
Dr. Pier Felice degli Uberti in the discussion with me presented a series of documents based on printed texts starting from 1500, and indications of documents preserved in the State Archives of Turin, State Archives of Alessandria, Municipality of Casale Monferrato that contradict what I had affirmed; after all, I was not aware of other documentary sources.
Therefore, not having the possibility to verify the sources cited and not being an expert in nobiliary law particularly of Monferrato, Piedmont, and of the current legislation of the United Kingdom relating to feudal properties (baronies and lordship of the Manor), I refrain from further comments on the I issue and delete all the articles dealing with Dr. degli Uberti.
2) As you can see, I was honest and fair, in fact, if one does not have the possibility of controlling the sources, he cannot express himself on a theme, having read only small parts of them (in your case I add, however, also not understood).
If I will see that my name and everything about me about your articles on your blog no longer exists (I mean all of them including novels and Gauci), I will ask to be forgotten how I will do with you. So, for me the matter will end – I will do nothing! – and it will be as if it never happened.
Obviously, our paths will separate and no longer meet, following their own way, away from each other. However, I will limit myself – as I would have done later – to contact the websites that hosted your blog asking for the cancellation and pointing out that for those who are newspapers they have violated the ethics of a journalist, and for others that are not very accurate if they are said scientific.
3) If, on the other hand, you prefer to continue a useless controversy against me, in the attempt to damage my image of esteemed scholar it is your right to do so, just as it is my right to make the choices that I think are most right to protect myself.
4) In this case – because readers deserve an answer – I put on line the pages you removed with my answers, and obviously I conclude with this letter of mine.
After that, believe me, I will no longer write and I will wait the outcome of the events.
Unlike what you made twice with me telling me that if I requested you would have deleted the articles, if, on the other hand, if you asked me to delete the articles you have deleted I would not do it, not having the certainty of the identity of the person who asks me this (let’s not forget that as far as it appears, right now, you are legally an ANONYMOUS who has not revealed his true identity) I keep them online waiting for events.
You say you are 42 years old, an age that allows maturity to make choices.
I wish you a nice future.
Pier Felice degli Uberti