With the arrival of success the Keyboard Lion appears

If the ANONYMOUS defamer thought that I ran away or disappeared like he did, he was wrong, because before clarifying things that are known and unquestionable for those who are truly interested in history and truth, instead of dealing with people moved only by personal problems of envy, I prefer to deal with concrete achievements in the matters I have always studied.
So, I apologize to the readers if I could not update the blog, but having to get ready for the 35th International Congress of Genealogical and Heraldic Science in Cambridge, and organizing 3 other congresses and having to finish the CIGH Bulletin and AIG Bulletin (121 pages each), Nobiltà and Il Mondo del Cavaliere without forgetting my usual radio broadcasts and lectures on line, I preferred postpone what was not of such an urgent nature.
After all, the 35th International Congress of Genealogical and Heraldic Science was a moment of real gratification for me: I was re-elected for the third mandate (2023-2026) President of the Confédération Internationale de Généalogie et d’Héraldique – CIGH, then the Académie Internationale de Généalogie – A.I.G unanimously elected me Honorary President and shortly before leaving for Cambridge, the Ministry of Culture – Directorate Archives Management appointed me as teacher of heraldry for the specialization course for archivists, activated for the years 2023-2024 at the School of Archival, Paleography and Diplomatics.
For the respect I tribute to those who are really interested in the truth, I thought it would be useful for the reader to deal with this topic which is now widespread on social networks and on the web using various articles that talk about it.
Always nourishing highly pedagogical purposes, I thought it was enlightening for readers who move in the new world configured by the massive use of mass-media and social networks to focus on certain new deriving problems, such as the birth of the Keyboard Lions or the dissemination of Fake News. On the disseminators of Fake News (who in Dante’s time would probably have enjoyed in the Hell a private circle) the cases ranges from serious to less serious: from procured alarm, to incitement to violence, to ethnic and religious discrimination, national law (see Mancino Law No. 205 of 25 June 1993) to the simple pursuit of personal gain to be realized through discrediting a certain person. About the intention of ruining someone’s reputation through the spread of fake news, the television program Le Iene of 25 February 2019 showed how easy was to achieve it, with the anonymously simple purchase of a domain, presented as an information site to convey fake news built specifically to discredit.
There is a large number of articles, videos, discussions on these issues (see some references in the footnote[1]) and they all lead to a common basis; here I quote Natascia Alibani[2] who in her simple and interesting article (which you can find here linked in full https://www.robadadonne.it/205715/leoni-da-tastiera-chi-sono/)  explains the phenomenon which Umberto Eco has already mentioned.
There is a large number of articles, videos, discussions on these issues (see some references in the footnote) and they all lead to a common basis; here I mentioned Natascia Alibani who in her simple and interesting article (which you can find here linked in full https://www.robadadonne.it/205715/leoni-da-tastiera-chi-sono/) explains the phenomenon which Umberto Eco has already mentioned.
You will be able to see that Mr. Eugenio Caffarelli and Don Luigi Costa or Jacques Girier or Baby Face Nelson or Narcis Herescu and the Romanian Tudor Beldiman are the multiple fake nicknames of this type who reacted to being kicked out of the Forum “I Nostri Avi” (not by me, because if I had had time to attend the forum I would have silenced him so many times for the absurd interpretations referring to the subjects of the forum, until he go away spontaneously, as I did many years ago with other jokers).
Natascia Alibani explains in her article that: “Keyboard lions rarely use their real identity to act on social networks; much more often they build fake profiles, even more than one, which they use to discredit, offend, or even threaten other users, whether they are public figures or not, indulging in attitudes that, probably, they would never have in life. This is why they are called lions, an animal symbol of courage, but only… From the keyboard, in fact “.
The Romanian (it may be) Tudor Beldiman, in the only phone call he had with him, had declared that he was interested in heraldry, genealogy, orders of chivalry and faleristics and so, after the attacks suffered, I turned to the most important scholars of these subjects in Romania to find out whether the person was known and where he published his studies. As I have already said, no one has ever seen or known him, there is not a single conference and not even an article in his name on the Romanian publications of these subjects.
Moreover, if you read what he writes about heraldry and nobiliary law referring to my family, based solely on a pamphlet that from the title “Genealogical notes on the Uberti family” indicates that it is an incomplete work on the subject, you will realize the ignorance that transpires and the absolute lack of will to deepen the matter because moved by the sole purpose of denigrating.
I remember that I wanted to be magnanimous and I provided him with a small but sufficient bibliography to better study the subject (in addition to the printed publications, I told him, as would be done with a scholar, to contact the State Archives to check face to face the documents cited in the books), inviting him to an online discussion with me published by 60 newspapers.
The answer was that he would not have held any online discussion on the topic, demonstrating that he didn’t want to deepen the subject at all, certifying with this behaviour that he was really a Keyboard Lion, capable only of insulting and running away.
As I always love to see the glass half full, at the end I have to thank him because he allowed me to publicly deal with a topic that I would never have dealt with except in publications reserved for a few interested parties and I mean: Una lectio magistralis: the nobility in 2022 and the degli Uberti.
However, one consideration is inevitable: the ANONYMOUS defamer has not yet understood (or pretends not to have yet understood moved by defamatory purposes) what is my thought on Nobility, and without knowing (or pretends not to know) the great job that I have been doing for years, he would like to describe me as a “maniac” of the nobility who lives on dreams (probably as he lives).
I must say that on the subject of Nobility my way of thinking has matured an evolution and today I expect for the descendants of the former ruling classes a real contact with the society in which we live.
But when I was younger, like all descendants of the former ruling classes, I enjoyed to be part of important Italian and foreign noble corporations (because I believe that in countries where the nobility is still recognized and protected there is a concrete reality that in Italy obviously we have lost), and I had no problem in being admitted, just look at my CV referring to these subjects to realize how much the ANONYMOUS defamer is moved only by disparaging intentions detached from the reality of the facts.
I can say the same for the exclusive Italian and foreign clubs for gentlemen to which I belong and where the nobiliary treatments are obviously included.
Having said that, today in 2022 – as you well know – I believe that for us Italians the right protection can be found, but must be researched by fully adhering to what is still protectable by the Italian Republic.
There are organizations that apply this principle, and I mean with the Duca de Vargas Machuca: FAMIGLIE STORICHE D’ITALIA and HISTORICAL FAMILIES OF EUROPE, of which, precisely because I’m not megalomaniac, I am a Founding Member and not an Ordinary Member (position reserved to great historical families).
What happened to me with the persecution of Mr. “Eugenio Caffarelli” (and his multiple nicknames) normally happens in all areas of life both in Italy and abroad and speaking about foreign countries there is a blog defaming the most important scholars in the world of the subjects I deal with, written by serial haters who are part of organizations that sell “orders of chivalry”, “nobiliary” titles and everything an inexperienced person can buy, a blog which, obviously, our ANONYMOUS defamer immediately linked.
My persecutor said that, in addition to talking about me, he wants to tell the stories of fake nobles, but he listed people so less relevant for this purpose, when instead I had suggested to him to deal with the striking cases of false nobles received in nobiliary orders or indisputable nobiliary corporations. Again, as befits a Keyboard Lion, the ANONYMOUS defamer remained in total silence.
To define his behaviour, I remember that in the first emails, when he justified himself with me for his expulsion from the forum I NOSTRI AVI, he tried to maintain a lamb’s attitude, thus still certifying his being a Keyboard Lion, since subsequently, for fear of what he had written, he saw fit to delete from his blog: A reply to the President degli Uberti and Resign yourself President.
Because I was involved, I decided to put online again the writings he removed on my blog, feeling the duty to comment on them for the readers who had read them.
I would like to remind you that my blog is at the same time a newspaper of my magazine Nobiltà.
Having pointed out to the ANONYMOUS defamer that acting as a Keyboard Lion, depending on his behaviour, various crimes can be acknowledged such as: defamation (aggravated by online dissemination), substitution of person, harassment, threat, inciting hatred and stalking, in order not to lose the rhythm he filled me with emails with which he insults and threatens me and also says that he wants to report me (as I announced I want to do against him) to the postal police.
I would be really interested in his complaint against me because in this way I can finally know with certainty the real name of this ANONYMOUS defamer, who with his behaviour has made me understand that in some way I have achieved the very true success that allows the birth of this category of People: Keyboard Lions.
For the easily predictable behaviour of a keyboard Lion, I know that the ANONYMOUS defamer will show up again after many days of silence, fueled by my words that he misinterprets as addressed to him, when on the contrary this article of mine is turned only to the readers, who deserve all my respect.
So the ANONYMOUS defamer is free to write to anyone what he wants about me, I don’t care because I am well known and I enjoy the esteem of many well-known people at high level (as he himself also had to admit).
The ANONYMOUS, who is probably ashamed of his real name and surname as he prefers not to use it (it is clear to all that the ANONYMOUS is a lier when in his last justifications affirms to use only imaginary nicknames, because in the reality he demonstrates to use the photo of a covid dead!), fled in a hurry by canceling part of the defamations written against me, and all the others written against the Chief Herald of Malta, but nothing is lost on the internet and everything remains in perpetual memory, so in this way “Mr. Eugenio Caffarelli” who writes to me with his false nick will allow me – at the next attack – to be free to post all the “beautiful” emails I have received from him, where numerous crimes are configured.
I conclude with a touch of bitterness on the superficiality of many websites that are said to be of a scientific nature that want to deal with these matters and which however have hosted this defamation made only out of hatred and envy towards a person who seriously works for the progress of these studies.
But the Corrida of the years when I was a child teaches!!!


[1] https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leone_da_tastiera
[2] Rocket girl, animalist, book addicted, I live the “here and now” as Wing Chun teaches me, I have been writing for as long as I can remember, I love Barcelona and the Union Jack.