Who is the defamer hidden in anonymity?

One thing, however, deeply indignates me, especially of Facebook, the anonymity. I remember that once, when there were still no such devilries, anonymous letters arrived. My friends and I received them too. The anonymous letter was teared up. It did not become a communication tool. I think that this introduction of anonymity in written communication is one of the damages of communication, because behind the anonymity all that is worst in the human being unleashes without a minimum of control. (Dacia Paola Maraini, *1936)
Social media gives the right to speak to legions of idiots who previously only spoke at the bar after a glass of wine, without harming the community. They were immediately silenced, while now they have the same right to speak as a Nobel laureate. It is the invasion of imbeciles[1]. (Umberto Eco 1932-2016, lectio magistralis tenuta all’università di Torino, 10-06-2015).
[1] The professor, surprisingly, warned us against using the Internet because there was access to too much unreliable and inaccurate information. Obviously, Umberto Eco admitted to using the Internet himself, but only as a trace to be checked on paper books. It is always necessary to filter the information coming from the Internet by verifying their veracity.
In 1988 I became Secretary General of the Junta de Italia of the Asociacion de Hidalgos de España (so called in that time), the only nobiliary association with legal personality in Italy. Then in 1993 with my friends we founded the Italian Genealogical Heraldic Institute – IAGI and at the same time the magazine Nobiltà, a magazine of heraldry, genealogy, orders of chivalry, in an Italian landscape devoid of really serious and “super partes” scientific studies, and since then – given too many successes – I periodically receive anonymous defamations on my surname, about my family, and even about my activity as a certified and globally recognized scholar.
Since I have always had a personality different from those interested in these subjects and a pragmatism based on our contemporary era, it is easy to understand that, although I am really open minded, my presence is not appreciated by everyone, particularly counterfeiters and obsessed maniacs from an artificial idea of the nobility or by those who have set their business on the nobility and feel threatened by my demythologizing of their ahistorical visions by bringing their clients back to reality. Retracing the history of these subjects in Italy, I realize today that no one in such a short time has produced such a large number of publications, events, ranging from conferences, speeches, talks, congresses, meetings, to the use of media (radio, television, newspapers, IT systems and social networks) as the organizations I preside over, not limited to the Italy, but operating worldwide.
The author of the article: “Pier Felice degli Uberti, the race for the nobility” is one of those who obviously don’t like me and like another Italian defamer who has been persecuting me for over 20 years reveals an unjustified acridity towards me by choosing to hide behind different nicknames, as he himself states in the emails to people who have come into contact with him, including the latest fake nickname Eugenio Caffarelli which we will deal with later. Well, relations with this person began (perhaps) with his registration in the forum I NOSTRI AVI where he registered with the nickname Don Luigi Costa (priest or not?) on November 10, 2021, but, just after ten days, having created problems to the moderators and administrators of the forum, he was banned by them on December 10, 2021. I remember that in the forum I NOSTRI AVI (forum of the Italian Genealogical Heraldic Institute – IAGI, of Historical Families of Italy – FSI and of the International Commission for Orders of Chivalry – ICOC), created to provide free help to those who ask for it in our subjects, the scientific nature of the arguments, the seriousness in the answers, and the respect for people are required. But at the same time, it is a private forum or a house with its own rules to which you must adhere to by joining it. I also specify that having numerous commitments at national and international level, I am not allowed to participate, which is why I have reserved the position of responsible for the scientific quality of the topics covered, an activity that I carry out when I am called to control; after all there are 1 super-administrator, 3 administrators and 6 moderators. With different fake identities, the anonymous joint again and – thinking that he would no longer create problems with the administrators and moderators of the forum – he is allowed to register with the nicknames (other fake identities) of Jacques Girier (actor or circus performer?), Baby Face Nelson (known under the pseudonym of George Nelson, the US criminal of the John Dillinger gang: it is indicative that the ANONYMOUS prefers the nick of criminals), but it is always the same story that ends up being banned again for the same problems created from the beginning.
At this point, with the new nickname (another fake identity) of Eugenio Caffarelli he turns to me complaining about the administrators and moderators who have banned him. Those who really know me know that, driven by an authentic pedagogical spirit, I always have the hope that people can be recovered and become reliable and honest scholars of our subjects (unfortunately experience tells me that they do not change, but I continue to hope …) and replying to his emails and asking for a clarification phone call with which we deal with various topics, in the end I get the promise on his word that he would no longer create problems in the forum. With this guarantee (which however exists only if you have a moral code) I ask the administrators and moderators of the forum to accept him again, and so it happens. The anonymous returns and his stay lasts about 10 days, after which the same problems resume and with the complaints of the moderates and administrators it is decided to ban him. The forum I NOSTRI AVI is obviously a private forum linked to 3 scientific organizations, or rather a private house where the rules of the administrators must be followed.
And the common opinion on the forum I NOSTRI AVI is universally very positive and the proof lies in the fact that next January 2023 it will celebrate its first 20 years of existence. Such a long duration with such a vast audience is not enjoyed by any forum of these subjects both in Italy and in the world!
On March 4, 2022 the nick Eugenio Caffarelli (anonymous because he does not correspond to any natural person as he himself admits in 2 emails sent to 2 different people) returns to the forum I NOSTRI AVI with the aim of arguing for revenge on: “Women can succeed in feudal titles in Piedmont” reopening a discussion born on January 13, 2005 that I leave online because it is conducted with serious points of view, however, treated by incompetents of the subject, as it is not easy (if you are not prepared) to discuss. But Eugenio Caffarelli faced the topic as incompetent exacerbating the discussion (due to his removal from the forum?), and this is the reason why after replying to his post, to which he replied with a historical-legal absurdity (very offensive for my image as scholar), to which I replied again, the topic is blocked.
Although Eugenio Caffarelli states that: “In conclusion, the president degli Uberti has no real nobiliary title. But he doesn’t need it, because his true title of nobility and his true coat of arms are his indisputable skills in the fields he deals with “, in reality he would like to pass me off as a banal amateur unable to document the history of my family, to then offend in other writings even the memory of my ancestors … I point out that the topic continues to remain online and that I’m always willing to reopen it to those wishing to discuss in a polite, correct and possibly competent way (this topic will be treated in Una lectio magistralis: the nobility in 2022).
The comedy is not over and continues with another episode in the wordpress blog Il Grande Vecchio which deals with: “True and false nobility” where the first article is dedicated to me with the title “Pier Felice degli Uberti, the race for nobilityhttps://ilgrandevecchio.wordpress.com/2022/04/08/pier-felice-degli-uberti-la-corsa-per-la-nobilta/ presenting with lack of historical competence and nobiliary law a set of true facts, but filled with erroneous interpretations that alter the reality with the sole purpose of defaming me and even totally false and invented. Promptly the author Eugenio Caffarelli with the email: eugenio.caffarelli.1952@gmail.com spreads it to people and sites that I will recall later, whose reliability today I particularly doubt because they proclaim themselves scientific, while in reality they have demonstrated to host a blog of a deliberately anonymous author who wrote only for defamatory purpose by altering the truth, spreading false news with this superficiality.
As publisher I remember that: “you must always verify the information obtained from your sources, to ascertain its reliability and to check the origin of what is shared to public opinion, always safeguarding the substantial truth of the facts”, and I add “The material, which derives from anonymous sources, must relate to real information, not rumors or speculations, must be relevant not to chase gossip, and must be reliable… “ This concerns newspapers, it will certainly not be carried out without control by an organization that claims to be serious and scientific …
Eugenio Caffarelli immediately sends the blog from his facebook account named Narcis Herescu (a fake facebook with only 2 friends) and then transforms it after a few days into Eugenio Caffarelli’s facebook even using the photographic image of a Venezuelan journalist, Mr. José Rafael Ramirez Cordova, who died of Covid in 2021, showing the same disrespect towards the dead used in offending my Ancestors.

The real Narcis Herescu with 4342 friends https://www.facebook.com/narcis.herescu/about


The fake Narcis Herescu with only 8 friends https://www.facebook.com/people/Narcis-Herescu/100079511423273/?comment_id=Y29tbWVudDo0MTkxNTMzMDQwODgzMDMzXzUwMjcwMDMwNjczMzYwMjI%3D&_rdr which today corresponds to Eugenio Caffarelli

On the left Eugenio Caffarelli’s facebook profile with the photo of José Rafael Ramirez Cordoba who died on October 8, 2021 of covid 19, which can be seen in his reality by name and surname in the image below.

But what is the real name and surname? The anonymous claimed both with me and with other people that his name was Tudor Beldiman, born in Bucharest on November 1, 1979, living in Bucharest (I commissioned investigations in Romania but here I do not share any other private information known to me). However, since the anonymous declares himself passionate about heraldry, genealogy, faleristics and orders of chivalry, I also asked from the most important presidents of Romanian associations in these subjects to confirm it, who explicitly told me that they had never heard this name, nor had they ever read one of his books or articles or even met him at a conference, colloquium or congress. Tudor Beldiman writes and speaks excellent Italian without errors, and an English instead of a foreigner. So who will he be?
My experience and intuition might suggest a name in my mind, but it shouldn’t be so afraid to show up for an erudite online discussion if it truly believes in its “truth” and can document it.
I notice that the anonymous (who always avoiding exposing himself with his real name and surname reveals that discomfort that psychologists attribute to those who do not trust their capacity for adequacy) shows to suffer from a sort of defamatory fixation towards me, like about twenty years ago another person who used a very similar method of “work”, to the point that the whole blog of “True and False Nobility”, even if it apparently deals with other topics, has a common thread or a sort of dedication, even if only indirect to me. These are up to now the 5 articles:
April 8, 2022: Pier Felice degli Uberti, the race for the nobility
where at the end of the article he posts 10 responses and as many comments on me, using as many of his nicknames according to his well-known style that reveals his love for the names of criminals …
May 3, 2022: “Basilicò di Malta”: impostor, adventurer, criminal, king
https://ilgrandevecchio.wordpress.com/2022/05/03/basilico-di-malta-impostore-avventuriero-criminale-re/  where he posts a single comment about me with his nickname Salvatore Giuliano (well-known criminal)  
June 1, 2022, The badger nightlife. A novel about false nobility (I)
The first episode of a “novel” that covertly still wants to concern me, but unfortunately does not report comments
July 24, 2022, The badger nightlife. A novel about false nobility (II)
The second episode of the novel where he wants to talk about me by crippling my name and surname in Pier Luigi degli Viberti
July 7, 2022: Charles Anthony Gauci, the Quadruple Count
Where once again there is a direct mention of my person!

Below I list the organizations that proclaim themselves scientific, but which at least in this case, for some reason, have not carried out the necessary check on the anonymous gossip blogs that are disseminated online, which seriously raises doubts about the “scientific nature. and preparation” proclaimed by them in these matters:
Slander is like false money. Many, who would not be able to issue it, then circulate it without scruples. Diane de Poitiers (1500-1566)
– Libro d’Oro della Nobiltà Italiana – April 9, 2022:
– Rivista Nobiliare – April 9, 2022:
– Elenco dei Titolati Italiani – April 9, 2022:
– Studio Araldico Genealogico Guelfi Camaiani – April 9, 2022:
– Libro D’oro della Nobiltà Melitense – April 9, 2022:
– Libro d’Oro della Nobiltà Italiana-ORIGINALE – April 12, 2022:
– Il Corriere Nazionale- April 15, 2022: 
– Unione della Nobiltà d’Italia- Forum -Nobiliare – April 16, 2022:
No longer visible 
– Aristocrazia Europea – April 16, 2022:
– Sacro Militare Ordine Costantiniano di San Giorgio -Duca di Calabria – April 17, 2022:
– Sacro Militare Ordine Costantiniano di San Giorgio – Duca di Castro – April 17, 2022:
– Associazione Internazionale di Studi Genealogici – April 15, 2022:
https://www.facebook.com/studigenealogiciitaliani/?__cft__[0]=AZUu0DJRDWY1mIfmIJQeAOBESXTQTStaACbsXZeqAxVpcyiubz98YweInqp1_LV5ejUrBcY5hr4NMdwsU6qg_STbKA1d1ssZrVyiVwPi7NvkEg&__tn__=-UC%2CP-R (è un mio sito)
– Diventare Nobile – April 16, 2022:

Nobility and Virtue overcome ignorance, Giambattista Tiepolo (1744-1745)