Often anonymity also serves only to hide the darkness, the insignificant personality and incompetence of the person who judges. It is incredible the insolence of certain types, who do not retreat in front of any literary villainy, when they feel they are safe under the protective shadow of anonymity

(Arthur Schopenhauer, 1788-1860, Parerga e Paralipomena, 1851)

The blog www.degliuberti.info is also a newspaper as a supplement to the number 168-169 May-August 2022 of Nobiltà, Magazine of Heraldry, Genealogy, Orders of Chivalry and the article: “An anonymous defamation using fake identities: Pier Felice degli Uberti, the race for the nobility” is published in its entirety to offer the readers the representation of the reality that afflicts the network, due to the presence and uncontrolled increase of so called Keyboard Lions that bother a large number of users, particularly when they have achieved great success in their activities.
Pier Felice degli Uberti
I would like to use this blog that clearly identifies me to present my thought through articles when I am in conflict with someone.
I thank Dr.ssa Maria Loredana Pinotti and Dr. Giorgio Cuneo for their help in the translation of this blog into English.
The use of defaming persons for various reason is now a widespread practice on the network and we all know that it affects anyone who can cause annoyance for the most various reasons. In my field of study there are various blogs specially built to defame serious scholars with the most impossible inventions, going to touch their studies, private life, professional activity, family origin, etc.
However I see that none of the great serious scholars attacked reply to anonymous accusations, which then turn to be unfounded.
Personally I disagree because the anonymous attack of an incompetent always allows us to reply with a lectio magistralis that offers to the readers the possibility to enlarge their knowledge on Documentary Sciences of History, often treated by improvised experts, lacking of true preparation.


A defamatory blog built just for me:


An anonymous defamation using fake identities:

Who even lies about his identity what truth can offer?
Anonymity reveals both the awareness of committing a crime and the lack of belief in his own’s statements.
However, I honestly invite the unknown author to a public online discussion (published in newspapers) if he is really sure of his statements and he is interested in the truth.
But if he is just an incompetent driven by envy, ignorance or commercial interests in these studies, he will decline the invitation.
As all were supposing the Anonymous has refused a public debate on the argument, willing to remain Anonymous.
All the story can be read at this links:
Every day we see the birth of supposed “former sovereign dynasties”, the use of “nobiliary titles” without the obvious recognition of the State where they originate, by people who do not really know what the nobility was, avoiding to quote the continuous birth of what are called orders of chivarly, which in historical reality have never existed.
Moved by pedagogical purposes, I thank Internet for the opportunity it offers me to clarify once and for all the theme of nobility to those who, perhaps for having seen too many fictions with a pseudo historical basis, or having heard romantic dreamers detached from reality, ready to embody the most absurd fantastic family legends, they think that time has stopped more than 75 years ago, and re-propose their erroneous dream vision, crystallized in a reality that never existed.
But it is obvious that this strange story hides (precisely to be anonymous), interests that are very different from an honest knowledge of history.

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